Airless Radial Tire with 2-Piece Hub

Designed for use on skid steers and other construction equipment.

The MICHELIN® X® TWEEL® SSL AT (All Terrain) airless radial tire is ideal for use on a broad range of surfaces. The Hard Surface Traction (HST) model helps provide maximum tread life on pavement. The 2-piece hub, which accomodates bolt-on adapters, enables the TWEEL® unit to be used on a wide variety of light construction machines.

No Maintenance

MICHELIN X TWEEL SSL is one single unit, replacing the current tire/wheel/valve assembly. There is no need for complex wheel/tire mounting equipment. Once they are bolted on, there is no air pressure to maintain.

No Compromise

Productivity can be increased because the MICHELIN X TWEEL SSL provides outstanding stability and enables a skid steer to work rapidly with more comfort for the operator, reducing driver fatigue while improving productivity. The MICHELIN X TWEEL SSL delivers a consistent footprint with strong wear life that is two to three times that of the pneumatic tire at equal tread depth. Additionally, the unique energy transfer within the poly-resin spokes reduces the “bounce” associated with pneumatic tires.

No Downtime

MICHELIN X TWEEL SSL performs like a pneumatic tire, but without the risk and costly downtime associated with penetrations and impact damage.

2-Piece Hub with Adapters

Four adapters are available which enable the TWEEL airless radial tire to be used with a wide range of equipment (see below).

MICHELIN X TWEEL SSL AT with 2-piece hub

Shown above – Top: All-Terrain Model
Bottom: Hard Surface Traction Model

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Hub Adapter   Hub Adapter   Hub Adapter   Hub Adapter
Hub Adapter MSPN 47139   Hub Adapter MSPN 47462   Hub Adapter MSPN 47868   Hub Adapter MSPN 47999
12 mm thick 1015 Carbon
Steel / Reversible
8.75” (222.3 mm) Center Dia.
8 x 10.91” Bolt Pattern
0.79” (20 mm) Bolt Holes, No Taper
  12 mm thick 1015 Carbon
Steel / Reversible
9.0” (228.6 mm) Center Dia.
8 x 10.75” Bolt Pattern
0.67” (17 mm) Bolt Holes, Tapered
  12 mm thick 1015 Carbon
Steel / Reversible
6.0” (152.4 mm) Center Dia.
8 x 8.0” Bolt Pattern
0.67” (17 mm) Bolt Holes, Tapered
  12 mm thick 1015 Carbon
Steel / Reversible
Blank for Custom Applications

Use our handy Fitment Guide to see which size fits your machine.

MSPN Description Size Max Load at 15 km/h Tread Depth Undertread Weight
76642 X TWEEL SSL All Terrain 2-Piece Hub* 12N16.5 4,400 lbs. 31/32nds 12/32nds 226.0 lbs
56289 X Tweel SSL Hard Surface Traction 2-Piece Hub* 12N16.5 4,400 lbs. 48/32nds 8/32nds 255.0 lbs

*Includes improved shear beam and new spoke material introduced with SSL 2, but does not include the SSL 2 interlocking hub.
NOTE: Product measurements are subject to change and are listed here for your convenience. Please see your MICHELIN representative for up-to-date data.

Tweel mounting Warning

Please refer to Tweel Tech Bulletins for additional technical and mounting information.