Customer Testimonial

Sunnyside Farms
Scipio Center, NY

"We Are Able to Save Roughly Four Hours Per Day."

"Sunnyside Farms is a full operation dairy farm that milks 4,200 cows a day in Scipio Center, New York. We own nine skid steer machines and are growing. In the past, we have had our fair share of tire and wheel damage. To eliminate downtime, we tried switching to solid tires, but the solid tires were tough on our equipment and operators.

We decided to try a set of the MICHELIN® X® TWEEL® SSL ATs. The result has been a huge change in productivity and savings. Our skid steers run two 12-hour shifts per day using push blade plow attachments to move feed. With the X TWEEL SSLs, we save roughly four hours per day vs. using solid tires. We are also getting excellent wear life. After 2,000 hours, we still have 50% usable tread remaining.

In addition to the productivity advantages, the X TWEEL SSLs provide a smooth and cushioned ride for our operators and reduce wear and tear on our equipment.

TWEEL Airless Radial Tires provide us with a no-downtime option while enhancing the traction, performance and suspension of our skid steer machines. The overall benefits far exceed our expectations.

— Greg Rejman, Owner
    Sunnyside Farms

Sunnyside Farms