Customer Testimonial

Kashome Holsteins
Medford, MN

"They Work – Just Bolt Them On!"

"Our family owns and operates a 200 milking cow dairy farm in Minnesota, using four skid steer loaders to move feed, hay and manure.

We had been using pneumatic bias tires and regularly had to stop work to fix flat tires, or to remount the tire that had been knocked off the rim from a side impact. Repairing or replacing a flat tire means unnecessary downtime.

While attending the North American Farm & Power Show a couple years ago, we spoke with Luke Brown from Bauer Built Tire of Rochester, Minnesota, and saw the MICHELIN® X® TWEEL® Airless Radial Tires on display. We then watched the videos on the internet that showed how the tire and wheel combination works.

We now have two Mustang 2066 skid loaders, each operating an average of six hours per day, equipped with the X TWEEL SSL AT. Flat tires and all of the associated downtime have been eliminated.

With the X TWEEL SSL, we’re getting much better wear, achieving almost 1,000 hours on the original tread, compared to about 300 hours on bias pneumatic, and then we’re having the X TWEEL tires retreaded.

The X TWEEL SSL has also improved handling and ride comfort. The loaders now conduct tight, in-place turns with 1,300 lb. loads without the bouncing-balloon effect typical of pneumatic tires. The ride is not only more controlled, but it is more comfortable for the operator.

TWEEL Airless Radial Tires are definitely the way to go for the future." They work – just bolt them on!"

— Pat Kasper
    Kashome Holsteins

Kashome Holsteins

Pat Kasper, Kashome Holsteins