Customer Testimonial

Happy Cow Creamery
Pelzer, SC

"It's a Problem Solver."

"Flats were a constant issue with our pneumatic tires. We were replacing tires 2-3 times a month. Every flat we had affected our productivity by a couple of hours. And, if we had a flat on a Saturday, we had a major issue."

"I cannot believe the difference the MICHELIN® X® TWEEL® SSL has made in my productivity."

"We use our John Deere 318D Skid Steer every day on the farm. If it’s gone, we’re in trouble."

"The MICHELIN X TWEEL SSL does everything better. Operating the Skid Steer on our old tires was like riding a bucking horse with all the bouncing. The MICHELIN X TWEEL SSL is like riding a wave."

"I could not do without the MICHELIN X TWEEL SSL. It is a problem solver."

— Tom Trantham, Owner
    Happy Cow Creamery

Happy Cow Creamery

Tom Trantham, Happy Cow Creamery